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Osho - the mystic, the revolutionary, the sex guru, the most important master of the 20th century? Born in 1931 in Kuchwada, Madya Pradesh, India, Osho became enlightened at the age of 21. He followed a career as philosophy professor, later traveled all over India and was worshipped by thousands of people. Around 1970 he started initiating devotees into sannyas and facilitated mediation camps. In 1974 he started an Ashram in Poona and in 1981 relocated to the US.

The commune in Oregon, called Rajneeshpuram attracted thousands of devlotees from around the glove and started to be noticed by the media. It was dissolved in 1985 and Osho - after being charged with immigration violations, was deported. After 21 countries had denied him entrance due to pressure from the American government, he finally came back to his ashram in Poona, India, where he spent his last years. He left his body in 1990. The ashram continues to attract visitors from around the globe to this day.

Osho Los Angeles

Osho Los Angeles is dedicated to spreading Osho's work by organizing Osho meditations and workshops in the Los Angeles area. It is our wish to build community among old and new friends of Osho. It is our vision to create a center that offers daily Osho meditations, workshops and trainings as seen in other cities around the world. Help us to realize Osho's dream in Los Angeles.

Pashyo Sarkin


"I read my first Osho book: "Ecstasy, the forgotten language" on songs of Kabir and was blown away. Osho's eloquent discourse on life's timeless truths was my own truth which I had not been able to formulate. All I had was this discontent with the society that had shaped and restricted me. Osho's message lit a fire in me."

Pashyo teaches African Drumming & Dance, gives life coaching sessions using tools like Tarot, Astrology and Dream Journeys and organizes Osho meditations and workshops. She is a certified Osho meditation facilitator. Read more about her at http://pashyo.com

Prem Jaya

Prem Jaya

"My grandfather was an Osho sannyasin and as a small child I would watch him meditate. I was very curious to know what he was doing and asked him several times. When I grew up and moved to the US I started meditating in the Osho center in Dallas. This has transformed my life and my way of looking at things. Since then my life has become more joyour and I celebrate life in its fullness."

Prem Jaya works as a physical therapist in Los Angeles. She entered this profession with the intention of assisting others in their rehabilitation process. However through Osho she discovered that healing has to start with herself fist to be effective.

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