Osho Los Angeles

Osho Los Angeles is dedicated to spreading Osho’s work in LA by organizing Osho meditations and workshops in the Los Angeles area. It is our wish to build community among friends of Osho and to reach out to new friends. We invite all Osho sannyasins to join us in this effort and we offer this website as a platform to promote yourself and your work. It is our vision to create a center that offers daily Osho meditations, workshops and trainings as seen in other cities around the world. Help us to realize Osho’s dream in Los Angeles.


Pashyo Sarkin

“I came in touch with Osho at the end of 1983. I had just relocated to Berlin and the first evening a friend took me to a tarot readingt with Anupam. He was dressed in orange and Osho’s mala around his neck. I was fascinated and started individual therapy. This was my first contact with an Osho sannyasin and a whole new world opened. I started to practice Osho Dynamic meditation every morning at 6 am and kept going for six months without missing a day.

I read my first Osho book: “Ecstasy, the forgotten language” on songs of Kabir and was blown away. Osho’s eloquent discourse on life’s timeless truths was my own truth which I had not been able to formulate. I had just carried a vague discontent with society and my own life without being able to formulate clear thoughts. His message lit a fire in me.

I started to attend Osho satsangs and felt a deep energetic connection with Osho. In 1984 I took sannyas and received my new name: Ma Anand Pashyo. What a change from my world view as an atheistic skeptic who never wanted to be part of anything. With Osho it was so different: I felt devotion towards him, I longed to be part of his energy field and connect with other sannyasins, I felt alive, courageous and  loved wearing the orange cloths and mala – untouched by the opinion of others.

I was fortunate to be able to visit Rajneeshpuram and get a first-hand experience of Osho and the intensely ecstatic energy field around him which created the desire in me and thousands others to be close to him. I had my first glimpse of meditation, discovered my inner power and felt the sweetness of living through love. Later in Pune, I was touched again by this field of love surrounding Osho and experienced some of the 3 hour long discourses on Zen shortly before he left his body.

I was devastated when he left his body. It took me months to start appreciating again the subtle field of energy that is still palpable in the ashram and particularly in his samadhi.  This field of energy that can be felt whenever and wherever sannyasins come together and meditate. His meditations and discourses are doorways that are open to everybody who wants to have a first-hand experience of ecstatic celebration, of silence and loving sweetness.”

Pashyo teaches African Drumming & Dance, gives life coaching sessions using tools like Tarot, Astrology and Dream Journeys and organizes Osho meditations and workshops with international group leaders. Read more about her at pashyo.com


Darshana Thacker

Darshana Thacker

“I fell in Love with Osho’s teaching in my teens as a high school student living in Mumbai, India. I feel grateful to have had his teachings to guide me through a crucial time in my life as a confused teenaged girl living in a sort of liberal, and yet conservative family. I found Osho’s love and respect for the feminine such a guiding light in that dark period of my life, where I was looking for an understanding of who I was, what was the purpose of my life. I feel that the teaching has sunk into my very core so that I can say that Osho is within me always!
To me Osho’s teaching reflect the basic blueprint of living a full, rich life, a life of grace and abundance, of every element, the good, the bad and the beyond. Some of His teachings are the basis for my mantras for daily living: ‘Be Aware, Be Authentic’, ‘Love, is Unconditionally’, ‘Existence always takes care of itself’, ‘Respond, not React’,  ‘Be selfish’, ‘Freedom comes with Responsibility’, ‘Be courageous and take the jump, there is nothing to lose but my self'”

Darshana Thacker is a well known Ayurvedic Chef in the yoga/kirtan community of Los Angeles. Her recipes have been published in LA Yoga Magazine and the newly released Forks Over Knives—Cook Book and Forks Over Knives—Companion Book, which has been a New York Times Bestseller for over a year.
“Food is such an powerful source for physical and mental well-being and healing. I love to share the art of Ayurvedic cooking I learnt in my mother’s kitchen in India and transposing it to a fusion of east-west wholefood plant-based cuisine. For more information on my personalized take-out service, cooking classes & catering in the Los Angeles, Southbay, Santa Monica, Venice, please go to VapikaSpirit.com

Prem Jaya


“My grandfather was an Osho sannyasin and as a small child I would watch him meditate. I was very curious to know what he was doing and asked him several times. When I grew up and moved to the US I started mediating in the Osho center in Dallas. This has transformed my life and my way of looking at things. Since then my life has become more joyous and I celebrate life in its fullness.

I am amazed how I am supported in so many mysterious ways in my journey as a sannyasin. Even though not having met Osho in his physical body I can feel his continuous presence guiding me. After a profound experience in a workshop with Sw. Devageet, Osho’s dentist, I discovered my love for Osho’s active meditations. Since then Dynamic meditation has become a love affair for me.”

Prem Jaya works as a physical therapist in Los Angeles. She entered this profession with the intention of assisting others in their rehabilitation process. However through Osho she discovered that healing has to start with herself first to be effective.